Ania is a footwear brand oriented to sustainability.

Behind Ania there is a team passionate about the balance between fashion and sustainability. We are constantly analyzing trends, researching for materials and transforming them into incredible shoes, trying to have the least possible environmental impact without compromising the quality and comfort of our products.

Our team is based in Los Angeles, California and Guadalajara, México. Our shoes are produced in México, by the hands of valuable shoemakers, who have been dedicated to footwear for years.

Through these close relationships, we make a conscious effort to reduce the unfair wages and encourage local production.

Actions speak louder than words.

We are aware of the environmental crisis that our planet is going through, that is why we are committed to producing footwear with the least possible environmental impact without reducing its quality and to support and encourage actions to reduce it.


- Don't overproduce. We will keep our production in small batches to sell only the necessary, and avoid overfilling landfills with material scraps and unworn shoes.

- Local sources: We work with a small workshop of shoemakers who assure us of the quality of our products, and also we want to make sure that a fair price is paid for their work. We also try to keep our suppliers close, to avoid large distances between the source and the consumer.

- Timeless models: All of our designs are made to be worn during every season, so you don't have to worry on changing your closet every 2 months.

- Share our knowledge: We want to encourage people to lean towards sustainable fashion, this is why we believe is important to offer affordable sustainable fashion and let people know the work behind every pair. 

Doing good = Looking good.