Life imitates art - Sculptural Shoes

Life imitates art - Sculptural Shoes

This has been everyone's favorite.

Michelle was our second custom design client, she was super concise, she told us that the pair she was looking for was for her sister's wedding, she showed us a photo of the dress.

Michelle explained that the wedding would be on the beach and that she wanted something comfortable to be able to walk on the sand and that she wanted light colors to contrast with the color of her dress. She also showed us references with high heel sandals with wooden heels, which are known as sculptural shoes.

We started working on the mood boards for inspiration, references and ideas.

And we started with the first sketches for her, as you can see we drew different shapes, heights and concepts, such as "odd" heels, where the left heel would have a different shape than the right heel, or the heel could have a degraded stain on the wood heel.

After the shoe was taking shape, we sent Michelle the options for materials and color ways, considering the colors that she had picked from the beginning and the accessories that could match her dress. 

For this model she went for Option One, the monochrome, with sand color suede, the ostrich fringes in oatmeal color and the wooden heel.

And that's how we created everyone's favorite sculptural shoes.


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