Ingrid's dreamy shoes 👰

Ingrid's dreamy shoes 👰

Hi everyone!

Today I would like to talk to you about our first pair ever, INGRID.

Before we started creating our designs, a beautiful bride, Ingrid, came to us asking for a personalized design for her wedding. We started the design a little over two months before Ingrid's big day, so part of our job is to get to know the person who will wear the pair of shoes.

I interviewed her before starting to sketch, what was her dress like, where was her wedding going to be, what was the concept, what did she want, how tall, what color, if she wanted white, if she wanted nude, if she wanted transparencies, and so on, so after the quick interview, I started a mood board of ideas, inspiration, color palette and previous sketches.

As per her request, I didn't include any whites on the color palette, so I proposed pale pinks, nudes and gold. She showed me pictures of her dress, hair accessories and jewelry, and of course she gave me references of what she was looking for on a pair of shoes. So the mood board started to take shape as accessories, materials and shape.

I started sketching and making paper mock ups for the flowers and a colored sketch for her to see the final version of the design, the ones in this picture are some of the many that we worked on.

As you may have read in the About Us  section, our team is based in Los Angeles and Guadalajara, so I got the chance to go to Guadalajara, where the shoes were made, to go to the shop and explain to Agustin, the magician behind every pair, how we were going to work for Ingrid's pair and give him the materials. 

Finally the shoes arrived a few weeks before the wedding, just in time so Ingrid could try them out before the big day.


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